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National Assembly President Tsetska Tsacheva has sent condolatory address on the occasion of famous folk singer Nadka Karadzhova’s death

National Assembly President Tsetska Tsacheva has sent January 3, 2011 her condolences on the occasion of the famous Bulgarian folk singer Nadka Karadzhova’s death. She extends her deepest condolences and sympathy to the singer’s family and relatives.

"The talent of Nadka Karadzhova to create beauty with her voice was unparalleled. She not only won the major national awards, but also many prestigious international ones. With her memorable performances she uncovered to the world the immense beauty of the Bulgarian folklore", reads the letter.


Tsetska Tsacheva points out that the unique performances of the singer, loved by all Bulgarians, will remain forever in the hearts of the audience.

" To the last, Nadka Karadzhova was devoting her talent to her numerous fans. Her songs will always sound in our souls! ", ends the  address.

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