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Tsetska Tsacheva: We need to know our roots and our past, but we have to also turn face to the present day and look for good deeds, expression of patriotism and tolerance in our daily life
The "Young People for National Revival" clubs already have a history of their own, one that is being written by you – the children of Bulgaria, because the teachers in your schools make so that the golden pages of our heroic history are recreated through the present day perspective. This was stated by the President of the National Assembly Tsetska Tsacheva before the school students from the "Young People for National Revival" clubs in Sliven and the region. The meeting dedicated to the theme of "Young People for National Revival and the Future of Bulgaria", organized by the All-Bulgarian "Vasil Levski" Committee, was attended by some 1,000 children from more than 70 towns and villages of Sliven region.
We must remember our roots, know our past, admire the self-sacrifice of those grace to whom today Bulgaria is a free and independent state, but we must also turn our face to the present day and look for patriotic events, good deeds and expression of tolerance in our daily lives, said the National Assembly President. We must open our minds and hearts to the present day of Mother Bulgaria, Tsetska Tsacheva went on to say.
The National Assembly President stressed how deeply moved she was by the meeting with so many young people and thanked all that were involved in the initiative of establishing patriotic clubs "Young People for National Revival". “Your friends from Pleven region organized an essay contest and the best were awarded by a jury headed by Academician Anton Donchev. In each essay, in each row there was something to make us proud, and so today I want to announce the next initiative for the students of the "Young People for National Revival" clubs from Sliven”, President Tsetska Tsacheva announced. She went on to say that the competition for an essay on "My National Leaders" will continue until the end of the year and the best essays will be awarded and published next year.
The President of All-Bulgarian "Vasil Levski" Committee Vasil Vasilev said that 74 "Young People for National Revival" clubs were set up in Sliven and the region. From the beginning of the initiative - a year ago – and until now more than 180 such clubs were established across the country. “I believe that students who participate in these clubs are united by their love of history and the Fatherland, by their interest in art, music, painting, and by the desire to do something good for their town or village”, said Vasil Vasilev.
The meeting was attended by the mayor of Sliven Stefan Radev.
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