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Georgi Pirinski, MPs, Bulgarian MEPs met at Parliament the medics released from Libya
8 October 2007

The three of the Bulgarian nurses - Snezhana Dimitrova, Nassia Nenova and Valentina Siropoulo and Dr. Zdravko Georgiev, who were tried in Libya, visited Parliament on 8 October 2007, Monday, at the invitation of National Assembly Chairman Georgi Pirinski.

Attending the meeting were National Assembly Deputy Chairperson Anastasia Moser, Deputy Leader of the National Movement Simeon II Parliamentary Group Borislav Velikov and the Bulgarian Members of the European Parliament Iliana Iotova, Atanas Paparizov and Kristian Vigenin.

Pirinski thanked the medics for accepting his invitation and noted that it came just two days before their visit to the European Parliament at the invitation of its President Hans-Gert Poettering.

In his statement for the media after the meeting, Pirinski said that the main thing that had to be realized was that the medics had a reason to expect support from both the state and the society in their efforts to find way to a new personal life. ‘We have to show that the ‘You are not alone’ slogan did not end at the airport in Sofia when the nurses arrived here, he added.

An idea for creating a fund in support for the medics has been discussed during the meeting. The fund would be initiated by the Bulgarian state, but the people should also contribute, Pirinski said.

National Assembly Chairman Georgi Pirinski decorated the medics with honorary plaquettes.
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