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A formal sitting marks the end of term of the 40th National Assembly
25 June 2009

The 40th National Assembly marked the end of its term with a formal sitting on 25 June 25 2009.

In his closing address the Chairman of the National Assembly noticed that with the 718 adopted bills, the two amendments to the Constitution and the six codes in fundamental areas of the law, the 40th parliament will remain the legislature with a very high volume of work accomplished. He emphasized that these numbers give the 40th National Assembly a leading position in the parliamentary history of the country so far.

The first rate contribution of the outgoing National Assembly was the fulfillment of the national cause of Bulgaria to obtain a full membership in the EU, to make it possible for its men and women to live in conformity with the highest standards of freedom, dignity and democratic rule of law provided by the EU, stated Georgi Pirinski. He added that the 40th National Assembly was the third, in the recent history after 1989, to complete its full four year mandate. Thus, according to him, the National Assembly has secured stability in the country, the political prerequisite for accelerating the economic growth and investments, higher employment rates and normal way of live in the society.
Georgi Pirinski thanked all members of parliament and parliamentary groups for their efforts to attain the objective, set up by the 40th NA at its beginning, namely the country’s European membership.

A picture of all members of parliament was taken in front of the National Assembly’s building at the end.
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