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Parliament marks the 20th anniversary since the start of the 7th Grand National Assembly
July 9, 2010

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, cabinet members, state officials, representatives of civic organizations and former MPs from the 7th Grand National Assembly attended today the sitting of the National Assembly, marking the important anniversary.

The National Assembly Chair Tsetska Tsacheva noted that the Bulgarian parliament was willing to pay tribute to the historical date of July 10, 1990, a date proving the strive of Bulgarians for democracy, rule of law and national dignity. „In 1990, after decades of downtrodden parliamentarism, the Bulgarian citizens, overcome by high hopes and expectations, elected 400 representatives, asking them to implement the will of the sovereign”, she said. In her words, the deputies of the Grand National Assembly were entrusted with the historic responsibility to restore the foundations of democracy and with the difficult mission of rebuilding in a democratic way the public institutions of the country.

No one will argue against the truth that two decades ago the Bulgarian parliamentarism has experienced its Renaissance, said the chair of the National Assembly. Tsetska Tsacheva said that parliamentarism is inextricably linked to the hopes and confidence of the Bulgarian people, to the national optimism for a worthy European future of every citizen of Bulgaria. “Today we commemorate this date, to confirm again that our will for success is alive and the Bulgarian Parliament is called to be an institution of productive consent and bearer of the democratic ideal”, she added.

“From the memorable days and dates in the history of the Bulgarian parliament we draw strength, wisdom and determination for a stable country, for continuous European progress and prosperity of every citizen”, said the Speaker.

The National Assembly adopted a declaration on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Seventh Grand National Assembly of 1990-91. It was supported by 175 MPs from all parliamentary groups, five independent MPs voted against.

The declaration states that the historical memory stores multiple dates proving Bulgaria’s striving for democracy, rule of law and national dignity. One of these is the restoration of the parliamentary democracy in the year 1990.

On July 10, 1990, 400 Bulgarian citizens have started the Seventh Grand National Assembly. They were representing different political parties with different views about the stats system of Bulgaria, but were united in their desire to rebuild the foundations of democracy and sovereignty of the people, says the Declaration further . It points out that at this date the Bulgarian parliamentarism had experienced its renaissance.

With the Declaration the members of the 41st National Assembly recall and reaffirm their will to make Bulgaria a country, based on the values of parliamentary democracy.
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