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During its third session, the 41st National Assembly has adopted 67 laws, 57 decisions and one declaration and has held 38 hours of parliamentary control
July 30, 2010

According to the information, prepared by the Legislative Affairs and European Law Directorate, the 41st National Assembly has passed 67 laws, 57 decisions and one declaration during its third session.

During the session, dated April 12 to July 29, 2010 a total of 93 bills were submitted in the parliament, 29 moved by members of the parliament, and 64 by the Council of Ministers.

During this session a completely new Act on the Development of the Academic Staff in Republic of Bulgaria was adopted as well as amendments to the State Budget of Bulgaria for 2010 Act, to the Criminal Procedure Code, to the Public Procurement Act, to the Consumer Credit Act, to the Bulgarian Citizenship and the Health Acts, to the Social Security and the Labor Codes, to the Environmental Protection Act, the Road Traffic Act and others.

During the third session 80 draft decisions were submitted in the parliament, 73 initiated by MPs and three draft declarations. The National Assembly passed Declaration on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the convening of the Grand National Assembly of 1990 – 1991.

Since its beginning, on July 14, 2009 through July 29, 2010 the 41st National Assembly has adopted a total of 178 laws, 185 decisions and 4 declarations. The total number of bills submitted in parliament is 300, 116 of which tabled by MPs and 184 by the Council of Ministers. 29 bills were rejected and 25 were withdrawn.

The 41st National Assembly has received 238 draft decisions, 219 of which imported by MPs and 19 by the Council of Ministers. 12 draft addresses and declarations were also received.

During the third session, the 41st National Assembly has exercised its oversight duties in the course of 38 hours and 24 minutes. The parliamentary control was carried out in 13 plenary sittings, in the period of 12 April to 29 July 2010, through questions and interpellations, and hearings.

In total 396 questions and 62 interpellations were received during the said period. 146 questions and 4 interpellations were to be replied in written and 250 questions and 58 interpellations were to get oral answers. Answered were 279 questions and 35 interpellations. The answers of 68 questions and 14 interpellations are still pending. 13 questions and 2 interpellations were withdrawn.

During the completed session, the Movement for Rights and Freedom Group has raised 16 questions and 3 interpellations; the Coalition for Bulgaria - 209 questions and 28 interpellations; the Ataka Group - 47 and 8; the GERB PG members - 17 questions and 4 interpellations; the Blue Coalition PG - 80 questions and 12 interpellations, the independent MPs - 28 questions and 7 interpellations.

The highest number (38)of questions and interpellations during the third session of the 41st NA was tackled by the deputy prime and finance minister, followed by the minister of regional development and public works – 35, by the minister of health – 32, the minister of economy, energy and tourism – 30. The Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has answered 13 questions and interpellations, while the deputy prime and interior minister 26.
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