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National Assembly President Tsetska Tsacheva: Bulgarian scientists working at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), enjoy high standing and appreciation
September 28, 2010

National Assembly President Tsetska Tsacheva has opened, September 28, 2010, a Seminar entitled:"The Bulgarian industry and CERN”.

Bulgarian scientists working at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) hold deserving positions in the organization and are appreciated very much, Tsetska Tsacheva said in her opening address. She noted that she has confirmed for herself this fact during her visit to Switzerland and was personally acquainted with the serious science done at CERN. She noticed that she was impressed by how much the Bulgarian economy and business contribute to the CERN projects with the high-tech products made in Bulgaria. There exist different forms of exchange between the organization and Bulgaria, giving opportunities to young Bulgarian scientists and students to visit CERN and researchers from the latter to present its latest achievements in Bulgaria.

Tsetska Tsacheva further added that the Bulgarian government recognizes its debt to scientists and that it should work on creating conditions for further development of Bulgarian science. She voiced her support for an exhibition showing the latest developments of the Bulgarian industry and business to be opened at the CERN’s headquarters.

Ognyan Stoichkov, Chairman of the Committee on Education, Science, Children, Youth and Sports noted that Bulgarian companies have innovative power, but lack the research potential of the academia and this is where the government has to intervene in making the connection between business and science and know how. He wished Bulgarian scientists to feel secure about their lifestyle and give their best for the development of Bulgarian science.

We explore not only the Universe but atoms and protons, we are involved in astrophysics, astronomy, and the large hadron collider works currently very well Prof. Rolf Heuer, Director General of CERN told the audience. He added that CERN has a training program for students in various fields of science and has partnership with various universities, research facilities and production plants in Bulgaria.

The Minister of Education and Science Sergey Ignatov and the Deputy Minister of Economy and Energy Evgeni Angelov have also addressed the participants.
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