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MPs adopt procedures for election of the new Ombudsman
September 29, 2010

After adopting the Rules of Procedures for the secret ballot, the MPs will elect the new Ombudsman of Bulgaria. The procedure is going to last for an hour and is needed after the terms of office of the previous ombudsman Mr. Ginyu Ganev expired in April 2010. For the time being, two parliamentary groups – GERB and MRF have nominated their candidates, namely Konstantin Penchev and Sabrie Sapungieva. The candidate to win will have to collect more than half of the votes of the MPs who cast a ballot of the 11- member commission, chosen to hold the election.The voting will be with a white ballot where the names of the candidates are listed in alphabetical order. Yuliana Koleva from the GERB PG was chosen to preside over the commission on election of the Ombudsman of Bulgaria.
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