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MPs agree on fines enforced through electronic tickets for road traffic violations proven by technical means and systems
November 12, 2010

Parliament voted in favor of the introduction of fines through electronic tickets for violations established by technical means and systems. This was voted at the first reading of amendments to the Road Traffic Act, submitted by Ivan Valkov (PG GERB) and a group of MPs. The bill provides for increased penalties for high speed violations. At the same time the bill proposes to eliminate the driver’s license suspension for high speeding. The amendments refine the parking regulations aimed at solving the technicalities connected to the current way of detention and removal of improperly parked motor vehicles.

The bill proposes a complete overturn of the current parking rules with the introduction of parking areas “free of charge” and “paid” ones. Importers want to remove completely the restraints on parking time.
The bill introduces penalties for drivers using the special “Bus” lanes in urban areas such as a fine of 50 to 200 levs and suspension of the driver’s license for a period of one to six months.

The National Assembly decided to hold an extraordinary meeting on November 16, 2010.
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