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Parliament has extended with six months the deadline for renewal of companies registration
November 26, 2010

MPs have extended by six months the term given to businesses in the country to re-register in the Commercial Register. This was done with amendments adopted at first reading to the Commercial Register Act. The amendment was necessary due to the fact that many of the companies were unable to meet the previous deadline, which was due to expire at the end of 2010. The proposal was submitted by the Council of Ministers. The facts and documents recorded and disclosed in the Commercial Register will not provide information constituting personal data, the bill stipulates. Exceptions could be made only when required by law.

As of 1 January 2011, the state monopoly over the universal postal service is abolished with the adopted by parliament amendments at first reading to the Postal Services Act. The amendments assign the provision of the universal postal service in the country to the "Bulgarian Posts" EAD company as this is the only postal operator which has the postal offices network and the resources to ensure the distribution of the service throughout the country, including in difficult to access areas, providing good quality at affordable prices. The assignment period is granted for the next 15 years beginning in January 1, 2011. The bill provides possibility for a review of the license for universal postal service of the company, every 5 years, with a view to its continuation, modification or repeal. The amended act regulates the mechanism of compensating the universal postal service provider from the state budget when the obligation to carry it leads to net losses and an unfair financial burden on the part of the operator, entrusted with this obligation. The Compensation will be given on condition that a favorable decision in this respect is granted by the European Commission. Changes in the Postal Services Act are adopted in fulfillment of Bulgaria's commitments as member of the European Union to comply with the requirements of European Directives aimed at regulating the internal market of the Union in the area of postal services. The changes ensure the universal postal services provision in the long run and in the framework of a fully liberalized postal sector.

Activities leading to mining wastes will not be performed without the preliminary management plan for mining waste approval by the Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism. These provisions were passed by the National Assembly with the second reading of the Bill on amendment and supplement to the Subterranean Resources Act. The government bill envisions the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism to become the single authority, which is to manage the underground water resources in Bulgaria.
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