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Members of the parliament honor the victims of the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in Japan with a minute of silence

At the start of today’s plenary sitting the National Assembly President Tsetska Tsacheva stressed that in the course of the last seven days, the world experiences not only compassion and solidarity with the Japanese people in their tragic pain, but also joins in the efforts to get over the immense consequences of the disasters. She added the lesson to be drawn is that such hardships should make the world stronger and more united.

“We truly mourn for the victims and believe that the Japanese people,  together with the help of their friends around the world, will be able to regain soon their piece of mind and normal way of life”, noted the president of the National Assembly.
Later on the chair of parliament signed the book of condolence in memory of the victims of the ravaging earthquake at the Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Bulgaria.

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