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Parliament assigns National Audit Office with the task to audit the state subsidies granted to the independent members of parliament

The resolution assigning the National Audit Office to check the lawfulness of the distribution and spending of the additional state budget subsidies allocated to the political parties in the 41st National Assembly for the sake of the current independent members was voted unanimously. The deadline for the audit was set at October 30, 2011. The Audit office has to probe the way in which the Ministry of Finance has distributed the subsidy in the period of July 5, 2009 to June 30, 2011. The decision requires the Audit Office to present the reports about the political parties’ finances for 2010. The proposal for the decision was tabled by the Blue Coalition and was signed by 57 deputies from almost all political parties. The decision was presented in the plenary hall by Ivan Ivanov, member of the Blue Coalition parliamentary group. Menda Stoyanova an MP from GERB parliamentary group suggested some additions to the resolution, concerning the audits’ content and the deadline of the reports.


The parliament also adopted at first reading amendments to the Currency Act requiring everyone crossing the state border of Bulgaria on his/her way to another European country or outside the EU to declare before the customs the transfer of cash higher than BGN 25000. The amount of cash funds that can be transferred remains unlimited. The amendments also foresee the custom declaration of precious metals and goods and precious stones. The motives cited in the draft bill, drawn by the government, explain that the existing Currency Act dates from 1999 and lacks regulations concerning the control of cash transfers out of Bulgaria, which is member of the EU, where the custom control between the countries inside the community was abolished.


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