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Parliament sets up inquiry committee of high level corruption cases

The parliament has set up an inquiry committee for investigating cases of certain facts, data and documentary evidence-based public inquiries, including some on terminated legal cases and files, cases of high level corruption, which have led to personal benefiting of certain persons, damages and significant adverse effects on the state. The draft resolution was submitted by the member of parliament Yane Yanev and a group of deputies. In favor of the resolution 125 deputies, 53 voted “against” and there was 1 abstention.

The resolution was supported by the GERB, the Blue Coalition, the Ataka party and the Independents' parliamentary groups. The Coalition for Bulgaria and Movement for Rights and Freedoms parliamentary groups voted against the proposed committee.
The committee will consist of 13 deputies: 6 from the GERB parliamentary group, 2 from the Coalition for Bulgaria PG, 2 from the Movement for Rights and Freedoms PG, 1 from the Blue Coalition, 1 from the Ataka party PG and 1 from the parliamentary group of independent MPs. The committee’s term of office was fixed at 6 months. The inquiry committee will be presided by Yane Yanev.

Yane Yanev, who proposed the committee explained the need for its creation with the last monitoring report of the EU, who criticizes the results of the fight against the high level corruption in the country as unsatisfactory. According to him the committee should focus on the investigation of particular corruption schemes and cases of public scandals such as the “AIDS scandal”, the “Frontier circle”, the “Hydroelectric Power Plant “Tsankov Kamuk”, the draining of the assets of  the Bulgarian State Railways (BDG), the Nuclear Power Plant  “Belene”, the “Arsenal – Kazanluk “ plant etc. He also added that the committee is going to investigate terminated legal cases in the stages before court rulings.



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