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Prominent Bulgarian painter Nikola Manev’s Exhibition “50 Years Creative Work in Paris” on display at the National Assembly

The President of the National Assembly Tsetska Tsacheva has awarded the famous Bulgarian painter Nikola Manev with the honorary badge of the NA. On October 26th an exhibition titled “50 Years Creative Work in Paris” was opened at the deputies’ club.

The exhibition was inaugurated by the Chairwoman of the Committee on Culture, Civil Society and Media, Daniela Petrova. She noticed that although Nikola Manev has lived in France in the last 50 years he remains connected to Bulgaria. He has bought a house in his native town of Tchirpan, which he bequeathеd, together with 40 of his paintings, to the town.

“Each of Nikola Manev’s paintings allows us to take a look at another world”, noticed Acad. Anton Donchev at the exhibition’s opening. “For the eye of the connoisseur the paintings get alive and reveal different worlds, full with light, melody and song, originating from Bulgaria”, the writer added.

“Paris has made me feel Bulgarian”, said Nikola Manev. He thanked for the invitation to present an exhibition at the National Assembly and added that while living the country back in 1962 he had not feel the wish to come back, but he feels happy now to see Bulgaria as a democratic country going forward.

The exhibition consists of 30 paintings from the last 2 years, revealing different trends in his works. The exhibition will be opened until November 9th 2012.

Nikola Manev grew up in the town of Tchirpan. He studied at the School of Fine Arts in Sofia. In 1962 he was admitted to the French Academy of Fine Arts where he studied painting with Prof. Moris Brianchon. He has had 150 independent exhibitions throughout the world. More than 3000 of his works belong to state and private collections and museums in more than 30 countries.


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