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Stefan Vodenicharov takes oath of office at the National Assembly as Minister of Education, Youth and Science

The candidacy of Stefan Vodenicharov was supported by 111 deputies, 64 voted “against”, 1 abstained. The nomination of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) president was supported by members of the Citizens for European Development (GERB) parliamentary group and by independent MPs. The former education minister Sergey Ignatov has been discharged from the post.

Akad. Stefan Vodenicharov stated that his priority as Minister of Education, Youth and Sports will be the preparatory work on the EU Operational Program “Science and Education”.

He stated his remaining term of office of 4 months was too short to set too many goals. The OP “Science and Education” provides the whole academic community and education system with unique opportunities and we should start working on the documents without delays.

According to him, the EU program is the only possibility for fresh funding of scientific research. He noted he had invited, Friday, all university heads and the leadership of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences to discuss the issues related to the Bulgarian Science Fund and was looking forward to their proposals for new members of the fund’s Managing Council.

Acad. Stefan Vodenicharov explained that he has started the process of discussing the issue of secondary technical and poly technical education with several other ministers. The Bulgarian industry is lacking manpower and could not go ahead. He added that based on the existing legislation and with the help of Bulgarian industrialists measures for the return of the secondary 5-year technical education, called in the past “technical” schools, should be outlined.

His idea is to start the operation of such schools in the autumn, in areas where specific production facilities do exist, based on public-private partnerships.  The aim is to give training to welders, turners etc. and to provide jobs for them at the same time.

The new minister pointed out to the importance of a law regulating the innovations and urged the deputies to support its adoption.

Vodenicharov also mentioned, he was planning the foundation of a special institute within the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) to deal with scientific research and pedagogics.

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