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Parliament votes in favor of giving autonomy to kindergartens, schools and establishments for personal development

The parliament decided that the above institutions should have the autonomy to develop their curriculum in accordance with the legislation in effect in the country. This happened with the adoption of the Preschool and School Education Law. The schools will be able to choose the organization, the methods and the means of training in order to provide quality education, to create their specific insignia and traditions, taking into account the specifics of the national identity and culture, to establish own school uniforms and differential signs.

The law establishes the so called “Centers for Personal Development” that will offer assistance to children with special educational needs. The new centers will start working in two years. They will be part of the preschool and school education system and will be helping the children’s and students’ socialization, education, career orientation and counseling. These Centers will complement the schools and the institutions providing educational diplomas and qualifications.

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