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Just 12 % of teachers in the country are younger than 35 years

The total number of teachers in 2011/2012 was 89 597, of whom 11180 or only 12 % are less than 35 years old, Prof. Anelia Maslarova, Minister of Education and Science noted in her presentation of the draft strategy for the development of pedagogical personnel in the period 2014-2020. The number of teachers aged between 51-60 years is 35 000 or close to 40% of all the pedagogical staff in Bulgaria. She underscored the fact is worrisome because studies show that in the next 10 years 3 089 specialists will leave the educational system. The education is not  priority of the government alone but of the society as a whole and the key factor in good education are well qualified and motivated teachers and pedagogues.

Prof. Klisarova explained the experts working on the Strategy 2014-2020 have tailored the vision for development of the education system in Bulgaria with the EC directives regarding the qualifications and level of knowledge of teachers and by taking the advise of the trade-unions. The ambition of the Ministry of Education and Science is to submit the new strategy for consideration to the Council of Ministers by the end of January 2014. The minister noted the measures to keep young teachers in the system were to provide opportunities for early and faster professional and career development and better work conditions through use of contemporary technologies in the class-room.

Among the serious measures to attract and keep younger people in the education field she mentioned is motivating universities to increase the number of students in the teaching professions and to raise the money spent on their education as well as the size of the fellowships. Minister Klisarova proposed also introduction of internships for fourth and fifth year university students.

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