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National Assembly President Mihail Mikov met Mr Wolfgang Börnsen, member of the German Bundestag in connection with the selection of Bulgarian participants in the interns program called “International parliamentary practice”

The President of the National Assembly Mihail Mikov and the Member of the Bundestag, Wolfgang Börnsen, agreed the exchange program of the German and Bulgarian parliaments   should be enlarged. The chair of Bulgaria’s parliament met with a delegation from Germany which is on a visit to Bulgaria with the purpose to choose Bulgarians for participation in the Bundestag’s internship program called:“ International parliamentary practice”. Mihail Mikov noticed he appreciates highly the opportunities given to young Bulgarian interns to get acquainted with the experiences of the German legislature.

Mr Börnsen shared that more than 100 interns from Bulgaria had finished the 5 months long internship program of the German Bundestag which aims to giving them practical experience in the parliamentary work.  In his words Bulgarian interns are extremely clever, hardworking and diligent. He added he appreciates the big interest shown by Bulgarian students to pursue studies in Germany, saying their number currently is around 6000. Bulgarian students are good ambassadors of Bulgaria, he added.

Mihail Mikov assured Wolfgang Börnsen that the National Assembly is to organize on its part several weeks long internship program for German students. They shared the understanding that the experience gathered in the two legislatures will be of great importance for the career development of the young people.

The deputy of the German parliament further explained that in the above internship program of the Bundestag take part 29 countries. It is held under the patronage of the Bundestag’s Speaker of Parliament.

The President of the National Assembly expressed the wish of Bulgarian lawmakers to get acquainted with the experience of the Bundestag in the area of legal research and different legislations as the National Assembly is planning to establish such unit. 

Wolfgang Börnsen suggested the Bundestag would invite Bulgarian experts to get direct contact with the work and experience of the German parliament in this area. 

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