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Transport, Information Technologies and Communications Minister Danail Papazov – Implementation of Operational Program “Transport “is successful

The Minister of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications, Danail Papazov, has informed the members of the parliamentary Transport Committee that the implementation of OP “Transport” could be assessed as successful with regards to both its financial and material aspects. On 16 October 2013 he reported on the current state of implementation of OP “Transport” for the period 2007-2013 and also on the changes proposed in the program which Bulgaria is to present to the European Commission. He also described the preparations under way of the new OP "Transport"for the period 2014-2020. He explained Bulgaria's priority in the next period would be completion of the main roads under construction, in which investments have already been made.

The minister added that the free financial assistance resources available under the program had been paid in full. The contracts signed for implementation of the program amount to BGN 3, 6 B which represent 92% of its whole budget. The payments made amount to BGN 2 050 961 218 or 52% of the budget. The forecasts of the Ministry show that Bulgaria is not to lose funds until the end of the year. The final results of the program’s implementation consist in the realization of 137, 5 km of highways, more than 13 km subway lines with 13 metro stations and more than 17, 9 km of new railways.

Danail Papazov has said the basic challenges in the new financial period 2014-2020 would be to reach balance between the needs of improving the transport infrastructure and the available funds. The ministry foresees to divide equally 50:50 the financial resources between land and rail roads. Papazov further noted in the next financial period the Ministry will work on projects for development of the transport system  aiming at better transport communications, decrease of traffic congestions, noise levels and pollution, and such that increase safety  and use of ecology friendly means of transport. The finalization of the priority tasks of the program will contribute to the better integration of the national transport system of Bulgaria with the ones of the neighboring countries and Europe.

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