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Parliamentary Committee on New Election Code Draft ready for the plenary

On its last sitting, dated 17 October 2013, the Ad-hoc committee set up to prepare a draft of new Election Code has approved a version ready to be considered in the plenary hall. The draft document will be distributed among the parliamentary groups and the lawmakers to make additions and changes and propose their own drafts, explained the head of the committee Maya Manolova and added such was the approach agreed in advance and used in the former parliament.

Maya Manolova noted the goal is to pass the new Election Code until the end of this session of the parliament. This is realistic and necessary to do in view of the forthcoming elections for Members of the European Parliament, she added.

Maya Manolova explained the committee has finished its job and has prepared a draft to serve as foundation for other proposals on the part of the parliamentary groups. She noted the draft is supported in general by all the political forces except GERB.  In technical terms instead of writing a new law the deputies and the parliamentary groups may use the draft drawn by the ad-hoc committee and import corrections where they disagree. She further said the hope is that in the course of the floor discussions each political party will adjust its attitude with the expectations of the citizens.

The draft of new Election Code was prepared with the participation of citizens’ organizations and movements. Those who objected to participate in person have forwarded written proposals, noticed Maya Manolova. All organizations experienced with holding and observing elections have taken part indirectly by submitting proposals that were all included in the draft.

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