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Photo Exhibition titled: “100 Years Bulgarian Cinema”, launched at the National Assembly, reveals historic moments of Bulgarian film making

The exhibition, arranged by the Executive Agency “National Film Center” with the assistance of the Bulgarian National Film Archive, is opened on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Premiere of the first Bulgarian feature movie “The Bulgarian is Gallant” from director Vasil Gendov.

Bulgarian cinema has a lot to be proud of and to offer not only to Bulgarian spectators but to the many foreign audiences and the merit goes to our talented film makers, noted the National Assembly President Tsetska Tsacheva at the opening. She stressed the photos presented at the exhibition were providing opportunity to get in touch with fun moments at the shooting locations and details on the process of creating many movies, known to the public. The head of the parliament wished all film makers new achievements, creative ideas and solutions that will be enjoyed by all film lovers.
Minister of Culture Vezhdi Rashidov said the anniversary was a chance to go back in time to rediscover the richness of Bulgarian cinema, bring back the memories of the great filmmakers who had created classic samples of our art and to meet young talents. In his view, in the last years the Bulgarian cinema had reestablished its connection with the public and enjoyed broad interest. I believe our film art shall reach new pics, such that will make us feel proud to be Bulgarians.

At the opening, the BSP Leftist Bulgaria MP, Stefan Danailov – an actor loved by many generations of Bulgarians, recalled that only two years after the first film made by the brothers Lumiere in Paris, the 6th film release in the world of the miracle called “cinema” had taken place in the town of Rouse. Just 18 years afterwards Bulgarians had produced their first film “The Bulgarian is Gallant”. He underscored that with many efforts and personal sacrifices the film director - dreamer Vasil Gendov had created 11 feature films and the first sound movie in Bulgaria “The Slaves’ Revolt”.

Stefan Danailov recalled that until the end of the 90s of the past century Bulgaria was among the countries with the highest number of cinema theaters and moviegoers in Europe. Today, though, we all are in debt towards film production and the numbers are shocking – till the end of the 80s in the 20th century the number of cinema theaters in the country was over 3000, today less than 40, present only in the 10 big regional cities. At the end of the 20th century Bulgaria was making 32 feature-length films annually, today less than 6-8, Stefan Danailov stressed. “I am proud that Bulgarian contemporary films are, more and more often, nominated for the US Film Academy Award “Oscar” for foreign-language films, he added.

The exhibition’s opening was attended by the National Assembly’s Media and Culture Committee Chairperson, Polina Karastoyanova, by members of the National Assembly from all parliamentary groups, film-makers, and media representatives.

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