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Parliament approves update of judicial reform strategy

The Parliament has approved  an updated version of the judicial reform strategy. The proposal moved by the Council of Ministers was passed with the votes of 173 MPs, 4 voted against and 18 abstained.

The updated strategy for reforms in the Judiciary lays the grounds for legislative changes and aims at improving the system, and rethinking the constitutional framework of the judicial branch. It also is heading towards increase in the quality and the effectiveness of the Supreme Judicial Council as a permanent body of the Judiciary. Among other goals the update foresees expanding the role of the Inspectorate of the SJC in order to ensure the independence and the accountability of the judicial power, to increase the necessary qualifications of the magistrates aspiring to leading administrative positions and to prevent magistrates of becoming members of organizations not open for public scrutiny.

Some proposals in the strategy were made by the BSP as a condition for its support and were agreed with the Vice-Premier Meglena Kuneva and the Minister of Justice Hristo Ivanov.

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