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Committee on Legal Affairs holds hearing of candidates for Constitutional Court judges

The Committee on Legal Affairs has hold hearings of the candidates nominated to serve as judges in the Constitutional Court on the part elected by the National Assembly. One of the candidates - Mihail Kozharev, was nominated by the Patriotic Front's parliamentary group, the other Konstantin Penchev by the parliamentary group of PP GERB.

The two candidates defended their nominations on the basis of their legal experience and positions held in the judiciary. Konstantin Penchev has pointed to his work as head of the Supreme Administrative Court and as Ombudsman while Mihail Kozharev his work as head and judge in the Supreme Administrative Prosecution. The latter explained that his work in the SAC had been comparable with the one of constitutional judges as he had ruled out on legal acts of institutions, other than the National Assembly, which had been in contradiction of the Constitution. Mihail Kozharev stated that he had accepted the nomination as it is consistent with his whole life and professional experience in many legal areas.

Both candidates have stated they are in favor of the rethinking of some opinions, decisions and interpretations of the Constitutional Court where clear arguments could be found. Konstantin Penchev declared that he favors broadening the access to the Constitutional Court on the condition that only important matters will reach its agenda.

The Legal Affairs committee will table at the National Assembly report on the hearings of the candidates. 

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