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Fifth-grader Brayana opens the “plenary sitting” on the Open Day in Parliament
Pupils from 129 Anthim I school and law students were the first visitors to the Parliament on the Open Day. The initiative marked the 139th anniversary of the Constituent Assembly.
Deputy Speaker of Parliament Emil Hristov welcomed the most eager visitors. I am pleased to welcome you to a place that makes every Bulgarian proud, he addressed the young people. I am confident that we Bulgarians love our history, respect our ancestors and keep their memory alive, said Emil Hristov and invited the young people to visit again the National Assembly. In his words, the Parliament is the place where not only the foundations of the Bulgarian state are laid and laws are made, but also where the Bulgarian spirit is created.
Emil Hristov showed the pupils the originals of the Tarnovo Constitution and the Silver Constitution, which introduced amendments to the main law on 9 July 1911, and was called silver because its cover was made of wrought gilded silver.
You should know that today you touched a sacred thing because we have all reasons to be proud of the Tarnovo Constitution, which is a collection of the best of the European political thought, emphasised Emil Hristov. In his words, many of its provisions are relevant even today.
The Deputy Speaker of Parliament showed the young people the official entrance of the building and the slogan on its façade, “Unity is strength”, and urged them to remember the legacy of our ancestors and come back to the National Assembly.
On the Open Day, which will continue until 16:00 hrs, visitors to the Parliament will be able to see not only the originals of the Tarnovo Constitution and the Silver Constitution, published in 1911, but also the documentary exhibition entitled “Foundations of Bulgarian Parliamentarism”. Visitors will be able to see the plenary hall and the permanent exhibition on the history of the National Assembly.
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