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Parliament Rejects President's Veto on Electoral Code Changes
Parliament rejected the President's veto over provisions of changes to the Electoral Code. 124 MPs voted in favour of the readoption of changes and 89 were against.

“BSP za Bulgaria”, DPS and six independent MPs supported the veto. “GERB”, “Obedineni patrioti”, “Volya” and an independent MP voted for the readoption of the changes, i.e. against the veto.

Head of State Rumen Radev returned the provisions related to the parallel voting in a section with paper ballots and machines for a new discussion. In his motives, he points out that this renders machine voting meaningless and complicates the electoral process. The President also attacked the provision by which the legislator entrusts the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) with responsibility for renting or purchasing the machines. The Head of State also objected to the lifting of the legal ban on resolving issues within the competence of the Grand National Assembly through a national referendum.
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