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The Eleventh Session of the 44th National Assembly Has Started
The eleventh session of the 44th National Assembly has started. Traditionally, the hymn of the Republic of Bulgaria and the one of the European Union sounded at the opening of the first plenary session.

The President of Parliament Tsveta Karayancheva opened the session and wished the MPs the new 2021 year to be healthier and calmer.

In her statement Tsveta Karayancheva noted that the MPs can recall how in the past four years they witnessed invaluable moments of unity such as the celebrations regarding 140 years since the Constituent Assembly and the signing of the Tarnovo Constitution. At the same time, we cannot forget the demonstratively emptied parliamentary seats by the opposition, the video conferences with the MPs from their hospital beds, while their colleagues, MPs, refused to wear masks, the President of Parliament added.

We will soon be in an election campaign, the President of Parliament pointed out and urged the MPs to avoid making suggestions about the danger of manipulating the election results. The biggest loser because of these suggestions will be the Bulgarian democracy, Tsveta Karayancheva said. She pointed out that she had already sent letters to the European institutions in September last year regarding sending observation missions in Bulgaria during the parliamentary vote.

Representatives of the management of the parliamentary groups in the 44th National Assembly made statements about the new political season. They were broadcast directly on BNT and BNR.
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