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Declaration on the 40th National Assembly priorities
on the Main Priorities of the 40th National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria

We, the people’s representatives in the 40th National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria,

having underlined the importance of:
- fulfilling on time the commitments undertaken in pursuance to the Treaty on Bulgaria’s Accession to the EU and completing successfully the process of European and Euro-Atlantic integration;
- maintaining financial stability and achieving a speedy economic development aimed at higher living standards and better quality of life for Bulgarian citizens in line with the principles of the European social policy;
- strengthening the internal and external security of the Republic of Bulgaria;
- acknowledging the rule of law;
having established that:
- there has been a lagging behind in some areas of the accession process;
- it is necessary to undertake more decisive measures with regard to justice and internal affairs, agriculture, the environment, company law and the free delivery of services;
- Bulgarian citizens experience acute problems in the areas of employment, income, healthcare and education;
- the Bulgarian economy faces serious challenges related to productivity, competitiveness and necessary awareness of economic agents of the requirements of the European market,
declare our will to pursue the following priorities:
1. Membership of the Republic of Bulgaria in the EU as of January 1, 2007 and full participation in the Union’s bodies; attaching priority to passing European integration- related legislation on the basis of the revised legislative agenda;
2. Accelerated implementation of the judicial reform for the purpose of ensuring swift, transparent and fair justice, including, if necessary, amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria within the powers of the ordinary National Assembly; efficient fight against corruption and crime;
3. Introducing a stable and favourable legislative framework that stimulates sustainable economic development and investment;
4. Promoting a social model that guarantees equal access to high quality healthcare and education, increase of income and improving the quality of life;
5. Full integration of the different social and ethnic groups in Bulgarian society and gradual overcoming of the demographic crisis;
6. Adopting new legislation or amending the existing acts to ensure a free and democratic election process.

This declaration was adopted with188 votes ‘in favour’, 16 votes ‘against’ and 7 abstentions.
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