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Consultations on appointing Bulgarian MPs Observers in the European Parliament

As announced earlier, on 11 July 2005 National Assembly President Georgi Pirinski received a letter from the President of the European Parliament Josep Borrell. In his letter, Mr. Borrell informed of the decision, taken by the Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament on 12 May 2005, to invite 18 members of the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria, representing the various political forces, to take up seats in the European Parliament as Observers. Their term of office will begin on 26 September 2005 and end on accession of Bulgaria to the European Union, the letter said.

The President of the European Parliament invites his Bulgarian counterpart to send him the names, political affiliations and contact details of the Observers appointed by the National Assembly so that all the information and documentation they need in order to take up their duties could be sent in due time.

In this connection, consultations were held by representatives of all Parliamentary Parties and it was agreed that the allocation of seats would repeat the parties' representation in the 40th National Assembly. Out of a total of 18, Coalition for Bulgaria will have 6 seats; Simeon II National Movement - 4 seats; Movement for Rights and Freedoms - 3 seats; Ataka - 2 seats; United Democratic Forces - 1 seat; Democrats for Strong Bulgaria - 1 seat and Bulgarian People's Union - 1 seat.

A resolution on the appointment and work of the MPs, Observers in EP, should be adopted by 1 August 2005, at the latest.

It was also agreed that by 1 September 2005, the National Assembly will name the Observers who will begin their mandate at the European Parliament on 26 September 2005.
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